David Smrcek, BA MA

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1090 Wien
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Lebenslauf

    David Smrček is a Ph.D. at the University of Vienna and Charles University in Prague (Cotutelle de these) under the supervision of professors Peter Becker and Milan Hlavačka. 

    During the bachelor's and master's programs, he studied history, respectively Czech contemporary and modern history, at Charles University in Prague. In his research, he focuses on Czech-German nationalism of the late Habsburg empire, with special attention to the so-called „Clash for Prague“, a symbolical and physical conflict over the urban space in Bohemia.

    His second research interest, the history of everyday life, is related to David's cooperation with the Czech Academy of Sciences (The History of Everyday Life Database). Within the field of the history of everyday life, the main focus is on identity and belonging in ego documents. In his Ph.D. project, David Smrček focuses on the topic of language ordinances of 1897 from a different perspective, analyzing the demonstrations and violent interactions between different nationalities, as well as rioters, protesters, and police, and cross-examining the results with interdisciplinary studies from sociopsychology. This way, he aims to contribute not only to the debates of the political mobilization before the First World War.



  • Schwerpunkte

    Violence in late Habsburg Monarchy

    Nationalism Studies

    History of Everyday Life of Czech Minority in Vienna

    History of Social Movements

    Street Politics in late 19th century