Italy and Hungary in the Early Renaissance

Katalin Prajda

The present book challenges prior Renaissance scholarship on three main fronts. There has been no monograph-length study dedicated to cultural exchanges in Renaissance Italy which would consider simultaneously diplomacy, commerce, migration, and the written and the visual cultures. Second, it addresses the phenomenon of cultural exchange as cross-fertilization between the Kingdom of Hungary, Croatia, and Slavonia and centres of the Italian Renaissance, including the Kingdom of Naples, the Papal State, the Duchy of Milan, the Principalities of Ferrara and Mantua, the Republics of Florence, Siena, Venice, the Commune of Genoa, Padua, Pesaro and Rimini. Third, it employs an agent-based method of analysis that illustrates patterns and trends in cultural exchanges. The book also explores the ways in which diplomacy and commerce fueled migration and, thus, cultural exchanges.

Department of History
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Peer reviewed
Austrian Fields of Science 2012
601012 Medieval history
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