Public Impact


Impact Award 2022 - Stephanie Rieder-Zagkla


Mitchell G. Ash "Die Grenzen von "Soft Power" oder: Wie viele Divisionen hat das Völkerrecht?"

A Guest Commentary in "der Falter" about the invasion of Ukraine

Mitchell Ash is Professor Emeritus for Modern History at the University of Vienna


Anastassiya Schacht, Article in Eurozine: "Entering Kazakhstan: A new answer to how autocracies survive"

Anastassiya Schacht of the Department of History analyzes present political events in Kasachstan in a historical and geopolitical context. We invite you to read and listen!


Anastassiya Schacht in RECET, Transformative Podcast: "Protests in Kazakhstan"

Anastassiya Schacht of the Department of History in conversation with Viktoria Morasch, a journalist of the newspapers "Die Zeit" and "Tageszeitung".


There are games in which knowledge can be transmitted in a playful way, and which can be integrated well into lessons.

(Language: German)


An interview with Alexander Preisinger, the Co-Editor of the brochure "Analoge Spiele für die Politische Bildung". In it is described how games like Carcassonne, "Schnapsen" and Secret Hitler can be integrated into lessons.

GameLab University Vienna: