Grandsons of Genghis: The Mongol Qurultai of 1246

John Giebfried

There is no more truly global event in the history of the pre-modern world than the great Mongol Qurultai of 1246. Coming from as far afield as France, Russia, Armenia, Baghdad, Tibet and Korea – dignitaries and diplomats came to observe and react to the most consequential election in Eurasian history to that point. Genghis Khan and his four sons had assembled the largest empire in the world – now it would be the grandsons of Genghis who would fight among themselves to take the reigns and set the course of world history. This game takes students to the Golden Ordo – the gigantic tent of the Mongol Khans – where a remarkable woman, the empress dowager Töregene, presides over a series of debates which will reshape not only the Mongol Empire but the entire world.

Institut für Geschichte
ÖFOS 2012
601023 Globalgeschichte
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